Anne Carpenter featured in "Automating Drug Discovery With Machine Learning"

Technology Networks recently published "Automating Drug Discovery With Machine Learning" by Neeta Ratanghayra and featured a section on image-based profiling for drug discovery. COBA's Anne Carpenter was featured and spoke about image-based profiling in general as well as the use of machine learning to accelerate drug discovery.

Carpenter noted, "Image-based profiling is powerful because looking at patterns in images can accelerate nearly every step of the drug discovery pipeline, from building diverse yet compact chemical libraries to primary screening assays, to target deconvolution for phenotypic screens, to the identification of biomarkers and diagnostics. It has even recently been shown to eliminate the need for primary screening by virtual prediction of some biological activities from existing images." 

She added, "Most of the proof of principle experiments in the field have used classical image processing and machine learning techniques, so I think we are about to see a rapid acceleration in the field by applying deep learning methods for feature extraction and prediction."

Read the full article here.

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