Community Vision Statement

COBA’s mission is to catalyze the entire bioimage analysis software community. What have we accomplished thus far? logo Scientific Community Image Forum

We created and sponsor the Scientific Community Image Forum. This forum has brought together dozens of open source image analysis platforms to one, centralized location for all user and developer support and discussion to encourage open science and reproducible research by advocating for open tools and their interoperability (please see our recent publication for more detailed information). Now, all biologists with bioimage analysis questions have one convenient place to ask their questions!


COBA YouTube graphic COBA YouTube Channel 

We are working on aggregating video tutorials for all kinds of bioimaging software in one place, our COBA YouTube channel. This includes videos from partners such as iBiology, and contributions from third parties is very welcome.  The channel currently includes many tutorials related to ImageJ and CellProfiler. 

COBA GCal graphic Upcoming Events

Conferences, workshops, and hackathons are key to educating the community, sharing the latest research and tools, and coordinating community-­wide efforts. COBA organizes and sponsors events in the field that bring users and developers together in this effort. Please see our News page for all upcoming events. 


interoperability gears graphic Interoperability: Bringing Bioimaging Tools Together 

No single piece of software can handle the full diversity of bioimaging project needs. Making tools work well together, making them interoperable, and demonstrating how to link them together is therefore a priority for COBA.  On this page, we highlight projects that enable using multiple, different open-source software tools together — called polyglot workflows — to accelerate research.  [Coming soon!]