What We Do

Through the collaborative development and dissemination of open source image analysis software, as well as training events and resources, the Center will empower thousands of researchers to apply advanced analytics in innovative ways to address new experimental areas.


Tech R&D Projects

Building on the team’s expertise developing algorithms and user friendly software for use in biology under real world conditions, the Center will focus on two Technology Research and Development (TR&D) projects: (1) deep learning based image processing, and (2) workflows and accessibility of image processing algorithms for biologists. This work will not occur in isolation at the Center; rather, the Center will nucleate a larger community working on these two areas and serve as a catalyst and organizing force to create software and resources shared by all.

Biological Image

Driving Biological Projects

The Center for Open Bioimage Analysis will serve as a hub for pioneering new computational strategies for diverse biological problems, translating them into user friendly software, further developing ImageJ and CellProfiler, and training the biological community to apply advanced software to important and diverse problems in cell biology. This development will occur in the context of collaborative Driving Biological Projects.


Community Engagement

As a major focus of our center, COBA aims to serve the broader open source community as a nucleating force, organizing and creating readily available bioimaging training materials, workshops, hackathons, and conferences.  All efforts are focused on benefiting the biologist, microscopy facility staff, and algorithm/software developer communities, across the many software projects in the bioimaging ecosystem. See our Community Vision Statement for more.